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FAST Tag - RFID Tagging and Labeling Application   click for Videojet Broadcast

pdf brochure - FastTag pdf brochure Model 7 Bar Code Reader

FAST Tag makes it easy to comply with the retail and military RFID initiatives. Part hardware and part software, FAST Tag is a complete solution that can incorporate:

Bar code scanning
RFID tagging
RFID tag reading/writing
Bar code, RFID tag verification
Data management including communications with your WMS or ERP system
FAST Tag is simple to install into your existing operations. From manual to fully automated inline systems, Accu-Sort offers a solution that will make your conversion to RFID easy

Part of the FAST™ Suite of
Flexible Automation Solution Tools
With Accu-Sort’s FAST suite you can expand your FAST Tag solution to include:
• Production counting • In-motion scaling
• Product verifi cation • Batch-lot tracking
• Carton marking - ink jet and/or label • 856/ASN generation

Accu-Sort’s FAST suite of tools provides for seamless enterprise integration through
a familiar and easy-to-use Windows®-based interface. The FAST suite comprises
confi gurable modules for product labeling, automated sortation, production counting,
data management and system maintenance and graphical system monitoring.

FAST Label™ is a complete system of barcode scanners, positioning sensors, printer
applicators and Windows software for automated labeling, verifi cation and package
distribution processes.

FAST Sort™ is a solution for automated sortation control, including I/O and device
controls, sortation tracking and acknowledgement and performance diagnostics.
FAST Sort provides high-speed sortation control, as well as complete scan, track, sort,
confi rm, report and statistics features.

FAST Count™ is a production counting system that allows users to easily capture, store
and report activities from multiple lines. Designed for productivity monitoring, multiline
reporting, product verifi cation, shift reporting and production data archiving, it can
maintain up to 31 days of accurate statistics on product throughput.

FAST Comm™ is a data management tool that provides integration between Accu-Sort’s
FAST Suite applications and external processes or systems. This integration is performed
through the processing of shared data between FAST Comm and the host’s associated

FAST Weigh™ is a real-time weight capture, control and production reporting tool for
product identifi cation and weighing. Available in a static or in-motion confi guration,
it is designed for fl exibility and ease of confi guration, with support for most scale and
printer devices available today.

FAST View™ is a graphical system monitor and maintenance tool that provides real-time
system monitoring for devices throughout a facility.

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