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RSI Bagjet

Reliably print text, logos, and barcodes on both sides of the bag lip

Printing on an unsupported bag lip that varies in thickness is a difficult challenge for any inkjet printer. RSI overcomes these challenges with the BagJet -- a turnkey bag printing system that controls and stabilizes the bag lip for high resolution printing of text, barcodes and graphics (such Roundup Ready and Cruiser logos). Two sets of pinch wheels stabilize the lip and power the bag though at a constant speed while spring loaded hubs automatically compensate for varying bag thicknesses. Integrated with HP thermal inkjet technology, the BagJet will reliably print up to 2” on each side of the bag.


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Right message on the right bag with built-in database, network and peripheral connectivity, and security

Printing the right seed traits and treatment information on the correct seed bag is critical. Our system is designed to eliminate errors by minimizing operator input. The RSI BagJet can print critical information directly from a database and/or integrate with PLCs and other peripheral equipment. The system also includes an OPC compliant server and built-in security controls to prevent unauthorized changes. The end result is the right message on the right bag.

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