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Electric BP 500 Ink Jet System

The Better Pack 500 Ink Jet System offers rugged and reliable performance of an easy-to-operate paper tape dispenser with the added power of an integrated ink jet printer. It gives you the ability to print directly on the paper tape as it is dispensed and the option to change the printed message as needed without changing ink pads.

Recommended for operations with medium to high volume packaging needs requiring printed tape with messages, dates, times or logos.

Simple and Straightforward

  • 14 preset length keys offer one-touch dispensing of tape lengths from 6 to 45 inches
  • 2X key doubles any preset length
  • Press and hold the Random key for custom lengths up to 120 inches
Rugged, Reliable and Safe
  • Steel side frame construction covered in durable ABS plastic
  • Meets or exceeds UL, CE and CSA standards for operator and electrical safety
  • Safety interlock switch disables the cutting mechanism when cover is open
Fast and Efficient
  • Dispenses tape at 45 inches per second
  • Adjustable top heater warms the water, maximizing the tape's adhesive and bonding properties
LD 16 A

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