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CTM 360

Reliably print text, logos, and barcodes on both sides of the bag lip

The 360 Series Label Applicator is a rugged, versatile labeler loaded with standard features not found on most other applicators. The 360 can be configured as a merge, blow-on or tamp-blow applicator and each module can also be easily switched to an opposite hand with no change parts in a minimum of time. The 360 is available in 5", 7-1/2" and 10" widths and all units are stepper motor driven and include Dual Microprocessors, State-of-the-art electronics, intelligent control equipped with onboard I/O, and a “Self-teaching” label sensor


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Series 360
Voltage 108-132 VAC
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Phase Single
Current 10 amps
Air Consumption @ 60-90 psi. Up to 4 CFM
Label Placement ± 1/32 in
Air Blow Width 28 in
Air Blow Height 24 in
Air Blow Depth 27 1/2 in
Merge Width 29 in
Merge Height 25 in
Merge Depth 27 1/2 in
Tamp Width 28 in
Tamp Height 22 1/2 in
Tamp Depth 27 1/2 in

Label Sizes
Min. Air Blow (W x L) 3/4 x 3/4 in
Max. Air Blow (W x L) 7.5 x 9 in
Min. Merge (W x L) 3/4 x 3/4 in
Max. Merge (W x L) 10 x 20 in
Min. Tamp (W x L) 3/4 x 3/4 in
Max. Tamp (W x L) 10 x 10 in

Label Roll Size
Max. OD Core 12 in
Max. ID Core 3 in
Optional 16" OD or 20" OD x 3"or 6" ID cores


Labeling Speeds
Programmable to 1500 inches per minute, to 2100 IPM with oversize unwind and rewind. Programmed with speed profiling ability.

Product Sensing
Retroreflective scanner provided as standard, other types available

Stepper Motor
The 360 stepper drive uses a micro pulse driver for increased accuracy and performance, and is programmable to dispense labels at up to 2100 inches per minute.

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