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Datamax Thermal Transfer Printers
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E Class Printers

The Datamax E-Class Family is designed to be the printer of choice when value, performance and features are the primary printer requirements. The E-Class Family consists of the DMX-E-4203, E-4204, and E-4304 printers. E-Class printers are capable of printing a wide variety of labels in applications ranging from small office shipping requirements to compliance and general purpose product identification labels and tags. Hospitals, medical laboratories, automobile service shops, shipping/mail centers, and inventory stock rooms are all typical examples of the types of businesses that can benefit from using the E-Class printers. And with PDF417 and MaxiCode 2D bar code capabilities, the E-Class can print complex transportation symbols and label formats. The E-Class printers are available in both Direct Thermal or Thermal Transfer configurations and are available with an options list developed to suit virtually any low- to medium volume label printing application.

I Class Printers

The Datamax I-Class printer line is the most comprehensive, cost-effective industrial label printing solution available in the thermal printer marketplace today and will continue to provide the same exceptional value into the future. The I-Class Family currently consists of the DMX-I-4208, I-4308, I-4212, I-4406, and I-4604.

I-Class printers are available with varying printhead resolutions, from 203 to 600 dots per inch, and print speeds, from 4 to 12 inches per second. I-Class accessories are field installable and removable, increasing the utility of your technology investment, and most enhancement options are simply plugged into the printer's rear card cage.

All I-Class printers feature the same innovative design incorporating scalability into a rugged structure that ultimately creates a versatile, powerful label printing tool. With the most standard memory and a vast number of available configurations, the I-Class has emerged as the printer of choice for large, multinational operations. However, the remarkably sophisticated design and its resulting ease-of-use make the I-Class the product of choice among facilities of all sizes in all parts of the world where performance and value are not simply marketing buzzwords.

M Class Printers

The M-4206 is the printer of choice for desktop and light industrial applications with limited or small space. When your printing application requires a flexible solution and your budget requires a low total cost of ownership, the M-4206 is your hero. The beauty of the M-4206 lies in its design, combining sophisticated engineering characteristics, rugged materials and modularity. The capabilities of the M-4206 are diverse, from the desk of your home office, to a busy pharmacy, or in a manufacturing environment. The M-4206 accommodates many variables in your printing application or labeling requirements, lending itself to be the best value in a mid-range printer in today's marketplace. The durable M-4206 is a lightweight printer designed to address existing and emerging markets of thermal printing.

S Class Printers

Datamax Corporation is proud to formally categorize its specialty, or
S-Class family of thermal printers. Datamax leverages their experience in designing and manufacturing thermal printing devices to meet specific application needs. The S-Class printers are manufactured specifically for use in the ticketing industry as a high performance, value-priced product. Designed with an all-metal enclosure and locking cabinet, the unit incorporates a self-alignment, automatic ticket feeding mechanism that supports industry standard fan-fold ticket stock as well as leading industry software packages.

W Class Printers

Datamax is proud to present its wide web 6" and 8", or W-Class family of thermal printers. The Datamax W-Class printers are designed to be the new price/performance leaders for heavy-duty "wide format" printing in mission critical industrial environments. Addressing a wide range of applications across a myriad of industries, the product line includes the W-6208, a 6" wide, 203 dpi printer, the W-6308, a 6" wide, 300 dpi printer and the W-8306, an 8" wide, 300 dpi printer. All models include standard features and options not found on competitive units.

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