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Evolution II Inkjet Printer Series


  • EVOLUTION II is the second High Resolution Ink Jet Printer in the EVOLUTION series and has also been designed around ink jet technology from Hewlett Packard.

  • EVOLUTION II as with its predecessor,delivers the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of any competitive ink jet printing system available. Our EVOLUTION Dot Calculator can show you how low your TCO can be.

  • EVOLUTION II is delivered as a complete system and includes a handheld controller, printhead module with built in product sensor and a flash card reader, mounting bracketry, and power supply

  • EVOLUTION II prints bold, highly legible ASCII characters, graphics and barcodes., which are stored in the printhead module.

  • EVOLUTION II can print eight of the most common barcode symbologies.

  • EVOLUTION II has the ability to print one line of 1/2“ high characters, two lines of 7/32” characters, three lines of 1/8” characters or four lines of 3/32” high characters.

  • EVOLUTION II includes the standard arial fonts style . ¬†Optional style fonts are available in a variety of character sizes.

  • EVOLUTION II includes all of the Optional Software Packages that are available for the EVOLUTION I . These include expanded message storage and message length, date and time coding in a variety of formats, sequential numbering, shift coding, product count and more

  • EVOLUTION II has from simple product identification to date, time and sequential numbering to barcodes and graphics, all in a compact, simple to use High Resolution Ink Jet Printer.


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