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Label Pro 5
Label Gluer

The Label Pro® 5.5 can glue labels up to 5.5" wide (14 cm) quickly and neatly. It is the world’s most compact label gluer! A corduroy pattern of adhesive is applied across the entire label, reducing adhesive consumption by up to 50%!

It is available with or without a motor (120 & 220 volts). When a label is fed into the motorized gluer, the motor turns on pulling the label through the gluer. The motor stops one second after the label exits, reducing wear and tear and increasing the pot life of the adhesive.

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Captain B Label Gluer

The Captain B is a rugged label gluer available with 8", 10", and 14" (20, 25, 40 cm) roller widths. It’s removable glue tray means easy access and cleanup. For information about the new motor for the Captain B, click here.

The gear motor is fully enclosed with direct drive for safe operation. The built-in speed control (standard on the 120 volt gluer, optional on the 220 volt gluer,) increases its ease of use.

Options include:
An explosion proof air motor for use in hazardous environments.
Strip gluing to reduce adhesive consumption.
A pressure bar attachment for gluing rigid or thick board
  stock or envelopes.


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Meltcator Hot Melt Roll Coater

This new, 120 volt system (220 volts available) is ideal for applying hot melt adhesives onto flat surfaces. Great for corrugated build-up, gluing foam to foam and foam to corrugated for protective packaging. The unit above shows the optional Pressure Bar Attachment for materials up to 1/2" (1.3 cm) thick. Without the attachment the operator moves the item to be glued over the glue roller. It's glue tank holds about five pounds of hot melt.

An electronically controlled thermostat provides variable temperature control. The speed of the roller is also variable. There is a motor lock-out switch to prevent damage to the motor if it is turned on before the adhesive is molten. This heavy duty roll coater is designed for years of service in a factory setting.

For gluing thick materials the MELTCATOR is available without the pressure bar attachment shown above.
The photo below shows adhesive being applied onto a foam block.

The Colonel

The Colonel label gluer is available in 20" and 32" roller widths. It is typically used for gluing/mounting large paper labels, four color litho labels or poster prints.
The Colonel’s heavy duty double roller system means precise glue film control. Standard features include:

Variable Speed Control
Large Removable glue tray
Heated glue tray with thermostat for use with animal glues or in cold environments
Table top, 120 volt machine
Options include:

Strip gluer attachment
Pressure Bar Attachment for rigid/thick materials up to 5/8" (16 mm) thick
220 volt motor

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The Adjutant

The Adjutant is used to smooth the glued label/board stock combination to insure that there are no air bubbles or wrinkles. It is available in 20", 32", and 42" roller widths.
After placing the label through the Colonel gluer, the glued label is then placed on flat board stock. The combined label/board is fed through the Adjutant Press which features an upper rubber roller and a lower metal roller. The label/board is then placed in a stack to dry.

When the Colonel gluer, Adjutant Press, and our lay flat products (such as GF #637 glue and GF #876 adhesive) are used in combination you have the Wrinkle Tamers. It's a team that cannot be beat!

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