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Marsh Electric Tape Dispenser - TC2100

Marsh TD2100 Electric:

The Marsh TD2100 Electric is without a doubt, the most effective and efficient machine ever designed and manufactured by Marsh Shipping Supply Company.
Used to dispense gummed paper tape, the TD2100 has been designed with ease of operation and dependability in mind.

The Marsh TD2100 features:

• Stainless Steel "Apex" design guillotine style cutter that provides long life and requires very little cleaning and adjustment
• 70 oz water bottle to increase uptime. The largest in the industry
• 12 guage , all metal uni-body chassis construction, powdercoat painted and long lasting high strength PBT enclosures
• Built-in, all metal adjustable tape guides that maintains tape roll for smooth tape flow and accurate cutting.
• High RPM brushless motor with brake and neoprene drive belt
• Lightning fast at the press of a key dispensing tape at 3 feet per second

LD 16 A

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