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Matthews SX7/16e Large Character Ink Jet Printer
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Single-line and twin-line coding has never been easier.  The SX7/16e is our most economical printing solution.  The SX7e (single-line) and SX16e (twin-line) were designed for porous, secondary packaging applications using Matthews’  eco-friendly water based inks, printing 3/8” to 1-1/4” (10mm to 32mm) characters.

Quick setup

  • Compact unit
  • Self-contained ink supply or optional external 2×1 liter module
  • Easy mounting

Simple interface

  • Icon-based menu
  • Low ink warning
  • Pre-loaded graphics

Reliable print head

  • Robust Drop-on-Demand valve technology
  • Low maintenance
  • Low ink consumption

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