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Marsh Manual Gummed Tape Dispenser

Marsh TD2100

The Marsh Manual TD2100 features 12 gauge, all metal, uni-body chassis construction. It provides a 70 oz. water bottle for fewer refills as well as a stainless steel guillotine style cutter for long life and minimal cleaning. With the Marsh 5HT no longer in production, its new and improved replacement, the Marsh TD2100 is a quality unit at an affordable price

Easy pull handle for variable tape lengths; 5" - 36" (12.7 cm to 91.4 cm) in a single pull. Longer lengths by additional pull. The handle returns itself and tape is cut off automatically. Adjustable cushioned stop for repeat cut off of desired lengths.

Designed for nonreinforced gummed tape or reinforced gummed tape 1-1/2 to 3" (4-7cm) wide. Ideal for use with our complete line of quality gummed tape. The Marsh TDH110 is identical to the TD2100 but it is equipped with a top heater that warms the water to activate the tape's adhesives, thereby optimizing the tape's integrity and bonding properties.

LD 16 A

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