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Manual - TapeShooter 150

TS 150

All-steel construction, 4 inch wide tape capacity and easy portability make the TapeShooter 150 the heaviest duty, continuous use, manual tape dispenser available anywhere. Ideal for tough day-in, day-out use in demanding environments where lesser machines would break down and realize performance failures.


  • Smooth gearing allows for dispensing lengths up to 39" (99cm) of tape in one stroke - more with multiple strokes.
  • Simple tape length settings.
  • Two water brushes for uniform wetting.
  • Guillotine sheer blades for clean cutting.
  • Ultra rugged all steel construction.
  • Large water reservoir.
  • Handles both reinforced and paper tapes - for 1 1/2" to 4" wide (3-10cm).
  • Mechanically superior design.
  • Easy to move from one packing area to another without the need for electricity.

LD 16 A

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