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u2 printer
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The U2 printer is now offered exclusively in the United States by InkJet Inc and its partners. It is the smallest, full featured, all-in-one priced, industrial ink-jet printer offered today. The low entry price of this unit provides what is needed, including the remote key pad to get started right out of the box. There are no hidden costs in this turnkey solution. The printer has the ability to run various types of ink cartridges to address a variety of print substrates making it a logical and economical decision for any business. The printer has one of the lowest TCO’s (total cost of ownership) in the industry by utilizing new technology. Combine this with the included one year, return to factory warranty and you have a solution that offers better economics. The standard unit runs with a 42ml cartridge with an optional 370cc bulk system attachment for those looking to leverage an economy of scale for their ink purchases. Click here for more information
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inkjet printers