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Videojet 2300 Series
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The Videojet® 2300 Series is a family of three high resolution, large character ink jet printers that provide class-leading, consistent print quality on porous and secondary packaging materials. These systems are designed and manufactured to reliably print accurate, high quality, real time alphanumeric codes, bar codes and graphics with a range of printhead heights to best suit your printing needs.

Replace pre-printed boxes and labels

For printing variable information such as bar codes, dates, ingredients, logos and graphics, the Videojet 2300 series printers combine high resolution printing with a simple user interface, making message selection and printing quick, easy and error-free.

• High resolution text, bar codes, and logos up to 2.7” for a pre-printed look
• Eliminate excess inventory of pre-printed boxes and labels

Consistently high print quality — patented micropurge process

The 180 dpi resolution of the Videojet 2300 line of printers allows for complete generic carton coding at pre-printed quality levels.

• Highest quality bar codes and printed images on every case – even in dusty environments – from unique, automatic, patented printhead micropurging process
• Micropurging reduces operator intervention and simple, regular care helps maintain high print quality and clean operation
• Innovative technology sustains superior print quality, without affecting production speed or throughput
• Robust rounded front plate protects the printhead from case strikes on the production line ensuring reliable coding

Reduced cost of ownership — unique ink-recycling circuit

You buy ink jet printing equipment to put ink on your packaging – not on your production line or on the floor. Thanks to a unique ink-recycling system, the Videojet 2300s are unique because the ink used for automatic printhead micropurge is recycled and used for printing after careful filtration. Your ink goes where you want it – on your packaging.

• Air-driven ink system eliminates potential downtime from maintenance on pumps,  solenoids and other moving parts
• Efficient use of ink and a mechanically simple system mean these printers will always be ready to print the next code without needing human intervention and the associated costs of downtime
• Carton tracking interlock system eliminates risk of dual marking or uncoded product and prevents wasted ink and mess caused by accidental triggering of product photocells
• Advanced date checking algorithms reduce costly operator date coding errors

Easy integration — small, single unit system

Each Videojet 2300 printer consists of a single, compact unit that takes up minimal space on your production line. That single unit contains an intuitive touch screen control system that makes it easy for operators to select the right job without the opportunity for errors created by on-line message
• Clusters of Videojet 2300s can be operated from a single master unit
• Individual printers or clusters can be controlled remotely from factory IT systems, PLC input or other remote computers through built-in network capability
• Optional remote user interface allows for increased flexibility and easy integration into your production line
• Powerful off-board image design provides complete flexibility in message editing and programming, including the full list of TrueType® fonts

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